Band Bio

"... these cats are cutting their own groove, shaking the walls and earning their place among the torchbearers of New Orleans funk."   Marc Stone - 90.7 WWOZ & Offbeat 

Built upon the funky foundation of Soul Project NOLA, The Funky Uncle All-Stars bring their own voices to the  mix of New Orleans Funk, Blues, Gospel, Jazz. and Groove that the Crescent City continually produces. A new vehicle for Soul Project NOLA frontman  Jon Cristian Duque, (Guitar/Vocals (Soul Project NOLA, Walter “Wolfman” Washington and the Roadmasters), the band is made up from  the wealth of talent and musicianship demonstrated  weekly on the New Orleans music show, the Funky Uncle Live. 

Drawing from the seemingly unlimited ranks of New Orleans performers who have played the live streaming show, the Funky Uncle All-Stars are an ever changing cast of characters currently consisting of Wayne Maureau, (Drums (Walter “Wolfman” Washington and the Roadmasters), Jake Gold, (Keyboards (Jake Gold, Gene’s Music Machine, Jon Roniger Good For Nothing Band, Margie Perez), Whitney Alouiscious, (Vocals (Whitney Alouiscious, Sam Price and the True Believers, Gene’s Music Machine, Mustache Petting Zoo) and Wanda Joseph (Bass/Vocals (Soul Project NOLA)